• 1. Volunteering
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  • 1. What is volunteering?

    Volunteering is spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the community. There are many volunteering clubs and associations in Lyngby-Taarbæk, catering to various causes and activities.  According to a recent study about 2 million people in Denmark volunteer on a regular basis - that's about 40 % of the population.

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  • 2. Why volunteer?

    Volunteering is an entirely individual pursuit, different people choose to volunteer for different reasons. For some, it offers a chance to give something back to the community or to make a difference to people around them. For others, it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge. For most though it's a combination of working with a cause or activity you're passionate about while gaining skills and meeting new people.

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  • 3. What is an association?

    You might have heard the term “foreninger” in Danish, which roughly translates to the word “association” in English. A large part of the Danish cultural and recreational life is facilitated by these associations.

    An association can be many things e.g. housing associations, political parties, sports clubs, social causes, art communities ect. They are build on democratic principles with a board and are often primarily run by volunteers who are passionate about a certain cause, sport or hobby. Some are big like the Red Cross. Others you'll only find in one location and may consist of just a few people. Most are non-profit and are funded through membership fees and/or private and public funding. It's quite easy to start an association, so if you have an idea you're welcome to contact us at the Volunteer Centre.

    The associations on this website are all non-profit, mainly run by volunteers and built on democratic principles with an elected board.

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  • 4. Is volunteering time consuming?

    This depends on you and the volunteer organization you want to join. Different associations have different requirements but most are flexible and accommodate the volunteer’s needs. Some volunteer a couple of hours a week, some more, some less. Some volunteer on a project with a limited time frame while others volunteer for the same association for life. What matters is that you and the association have a clear agreement on how much time you're going to spend and what your tasks and responsibilities are. You're always welcome to contact the Volunteer Centre if you want to have a talk about the opportunities in Lyngby-Taarbæk.

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  • 5. Do I need experience before I can start volunteering?

    Yes and no. It all depends on the position, the level of responsibility and the association you want to volunteer at. Mostly though, experience isn't a prerequisite. Some associations may look for volunteers with certain skills, e.g. communication, management or finance, but often you can find other positions in the same association where experience is not an issue. Many of the associations are also aware that there is a big 'learning on the job'-aspect to volunteering and encourage this by giving their volunteers training so they can develop their skills.

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  • 6. Volunteering with children?

    According to Danish law everyone who wish to volunteer or work with children have to be able to show a clean Childrens' record" (Børneattest). A Childrens' record is a criminal record that contains information about any sexual assaults committed towards children under the age of 15 in the last 10 years.  It is the association or the workplace who require after the record with the police.

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  • 7. Which sports clubs are featured on LeisureinLyngby.dk?

    All amateur sports associations in Lyngby-Taarbæk can post on this website. Most of them are represented by FIL (“Fællesrepræsentationen for idrætsforeninger i Lyngby Taarbæk kommune” or, in english, “Joint Representation of Sports Associations in Lyngby Taarbæk”). FIL is our sports partner and its members are featured on our website. More information on FIL can be found here (The page is in Danish, but google translate does a decent enough job)

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  • 8. What does it take to become a member of a sports club?

    Entry requirements vary from club to club and can be found on the page for the associations. There are generally two types of sports clubs - associations and commercial clubs. On this site you'll only find the associations. The associations are non-profit, member-driven and   mostly run by volunteers and in general cheaper than the commercial clubs. Most clubs have many different levels for different age groups - from beginner to advanced/professional. To join a club just contact the person listed in the associations' profiles on this site. Most associations let you try for             free the first couple of times so you're sure that the club is the right one for you.

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  • 9. Volunteering at a sports club?

    Yes, the sports clubs on this site are mostly run by volunteers. At some clubs it's mandatory to volunteer but you'll also find clubs where it's up to you. Many parents volunteer at their children's clubs where they help out with coaching, planning parties and tournaments, helping out with fundraising or communication or by joining the board ect.

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  • 10. How much does it cost?

    As the clubs are member-based you'll often have to pay both a membership fee and a training fee to join. These fees are usually kept as low as possible and the total cost varies from club to club depending on e.g. expenses to gear, rent ect. and the club's ability to get either public or private funding to support their activities.

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  • 11. What is meant by culture?

    Culture & other is a broad categorization that encompasses associations who offers non-formal education and democratic voluntary activities, e.g. music and art associations and venues, festivals, scouting, political and religious associations and interest groups.

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  • 12. What is the general idea behind all these associations?

    The purpose of voluntary activities in democratic associations is to promote democratic understanding and active citizenship in all areas of society. Based in activities and a community they help to strengthen the informal education and voluntary involvement. The    purpose of many of these activities is to strengthen the abilities of the members so they become better at taking care of their own life's and play an active and engaged part in society whether it be through sport, cultural activities, social volunteering, politics or other interest groups.

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