The Night Owls – helping youngsters at night

Association: The Night Owls (Natteravnene)
Phone: 25 24 88 46
Contact person: Tom Thanning


The Night Owls – helping youngsters at night

The Night Owls (Natteravnene in Danish) is a group of volunteers who spend time and effort in making the town safer for youngsters at night. You’ll find us on the streets on especially Friday and Saturday nights and you can recognize us by our yellow jackets.

Our main purpose is to be out and about among the youngsters and help prevent violence, vandalism, thoughtlessness and crime in our local area.

As Night Owls we

  • don’t intervene in disturbances but call professional help if necessary
  • we always walk around in groups of three
  • we’re always out on the streets and never in the clubs and bars
  • we’re always ready if a child or young person wish to talk or need help finding their way home.

We work in cooperation with the local social welfare and educational authorities, the police and the local businesses. We welcome volunteers who are responsible adults and can set a good example as role models – irrespective of age, gender, physical disability, religion, political affiliation or ethnic background.

You can volunteer as often as you like – e.g. once a week or once a month – and we offer courses which will help you navigate the things you might encounter on a shift.

If you’ll like to hear more or get involved contact Tom Thanning at